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Secure Access Redefined: Comprehensive Solutions from Boom Barriers to UVSS

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Features :

Boom barriers ensure precise vehicular access control with remote operation and seamless integration with access systems. Bollards offer robust perimeter protection, resisting collisions and providing flexibility in configuration. Turnstiles regulate pedestrian flow securely with biometric integration and anti-tailgating measures. Flap gates manage access efficiently in tight spaces with bi-directional control and high throughput capacity. UVSS conducts thorough vehicle inspections, integrating seamlessly for enhanced security monitoring.


1.  Boom Barrier: A boom barrier serves as an automated entry and exit control mechanism, regulating vehicular access by lifting or lowering a horizontal bar. It enables remote operation, allowing operators to control barrier movements conveniently and securely. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with access control systems, such as card readers, keypads, or biometric devices, to ensure authorized access to the premises.
2. Bollards: Bollards provide perimeter protection by acting as physical barriers to prevent unauthorized vehicle access to restricted areas. Designed to withstand high-impact collisions, they enhance security against ram-raiding or vehicle-based attacks. Available in retractable or fixed configurations, bollards offer flexibility based on security requirements and traffic flow management needs.
3. Turnstile: Turnstiles facilitate the controlled movement of individuals into and out of a building or specific zones, regulating pedestrian flow effectively. They integrate biometric features such as fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition for secure access control. Moreover, turnstiles incorporate anti-tailgating mechanisms to prevent unauthorized individuals from closely following behind authorized users, ensuring adherence to security protocols.
4. Flap Gates: Flap gates feature a slim profile design, offering a space-efficient solution for pedestrian access control in areas with limited space. They allow bi-directional control, enabling both entry and exit management to enhance security and flow management. With high throughput capacity, flap gates efficiently process a large number of users, making them ideal for high-traffic environments.
5. UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System): The UVSS provides comprehensive monitoring of the underside of vehicles entering premises, facilitating vehicle undercarriage inspection. It detects suspicious objects, contraband, or modifications to vehicles, enhancing security against potential threats. Moreover, UVSS seamlessly integrates with access control and surveillance systems for real-time monitoring and response, further strengthening overall security measures.

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